26 янв. 2011 г.

VIDEO: Yoko Absorbing - Aus Sperrholz

Kruchenykh-125 (LP, 2011)

Recorded: 2010-2011
Release date: 2011-01-25
Label: Kruchenykh Records
Catalog#: Kr-file003
Keywords: Avant-garde, Post-rock, Noise-Rock, Drone, Free Improvisation
Digital quality: MP3, 320 kbps 44Hz, stereo
Size: 161 mb

1. Aus Sperrholz (5:38)
2. Jack (5:27)
3. Der Shaumgummi (5:43)
4. Polyrhythmica-2011 (9:10)
5. Der Teer (2:54)
6. Yoko Droning (7:31)
7. Personal Life (3:28)
8. Who Are You, Mr. Fandorin? (6:16)
9. Noise Oil Money (4:26)
10. Line Of Winter (6:12)
11. Prya Rai (9:46)
12. Dolphins In An Interstellar Dust (8:12)


Mikhail Lezin - music, sounds, recording, artworks.
Instruments: guitars, synth, bass, percussion, self-made distortion;

Evgenij V. Kharitonov - music, sounds, recording;
Instruments: Rhythm-2 vintage analog synthesizer,
Polivoks vintage analog synthesizer, guitars,
Jupiter Tape recorder / Astra tape recorder + Phase Shifter,
Mellotron, M-Audio Keyrig MIDI-keyboard,
Akai LPK25 MIDI-control, Akai LPD8 MIDI-control,
VST and VSTi instruments.

All tracks by Evgenij V. Kharitonov & Mikhail Lezin, 2010-2011
(c) Artworks by Mikhail Lezin, 2011

2011(c) Evgenij V. Kharitonov (EugeneKha)
2011(c) Mikhail Lezin

DOWNLOAD (Mirror link)

21 янв. 2011 г.

Museum Of Modern Chaos (LP, 2010)

Label: Clinical Archives / Catalog #: CA362
Style: Psychedelic Avantgarde rock, Free Jazz, Post-Rock, Jazz-Rock, Space Rock, Shoegazing
Time 39:04
Recorded: Sept.-Dec. 2009
Released: 28 Feb. 2010
Digital quality: 320 kbps / size 84 mb

1. Museum Opening (2:12)
2. King Of Surf 1 (4:51)
3. Another Hemisphere (4:32)
4. King Of Surf 2 (2:33)
5. Free Future (4:04)
6. Museum Of Modern Chaos # 00 (3:50)
7. YA Psycode (3:25)
8. Museum Of Modern Chaos (Script Type) (7:16)
9. Beauty Don't Let Go (4:09)
10. Evening In A Museum Of Modern Chaos (2:12)

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin


R E V I E W S:

This russian band named Yoko Absorbing has made a crazy wonderful album...mostly xprmntl with some guitar plays and electronic sounds...
Yoko absorbing est un groupe russe de jazz experimental et leur album est une veritable reussite. Un hymne a la liberte/une arme anti-conformite. Donne toi la chance au moins une fois dans ta vie d'essayer autre chose, telecharge !!!!

Yamanotedreams. – Japan, 2010. – 28 Febr.

Yoko Abosorbing is Evgenij V. Kharitonov (Moscow) – music, guitars, bass, piano, keyboards, percussion, programming, sounds and Mikhail Lezin (Togliatti) – music, guitars, bass, keyboards, Synth “Rhythm 2″, percussion, programming, sounds. Museum of Modern Chaos was recorded in 2009 in Togliatti and Moscow and also features Konstantin Guro – sax, drums and Alexey Karmanov – rhythm guitar.
The album begins with a recording of a piano playing an almost childlike melody which sounds as if it was recorded on a portable tape recorder setting at a distance, perhaps held amongst a group of people. You hear the shuffle of ambience: paper rustles, people talking. It gives way at one point to a short, intricate guitar coda, but returns again. The next piece is a jumble of percussion, echoing; and the next piece is a combination of backwards guitar, feedback and atmospheric drones. We shift into lurching washes of noise that teeter and totter a strange rhythm an alternate symphony. And after journey’s span we come back to entryway and wonder at where we’ve been.

DiscoverSounds. – 2010. – 8 March.

Mihhail Lezin ning Jevgeni Haritonov on tagasi trikitamas. Ka seekord ei olda päris kahekesi - kaasatud on Konstantin Guro saksofonil ja trummidel ning Aleksei Karmanov rütmikitarril. Kui nende eelmise aasta albumi "Vinyl" märksõnaks oli teravalõikeline fragmentaarsus, siis "Museum Of Modern Chaos" keskendub stiihiale. Seda püütakse kujutada nii otse, st visuaalseid kujutlusi esile manades kui ka kaudselt piire stiilide vahel ähmastades. Kitarriimprovisatsioon/eksperimentaalrock on üksik kalju keset elektroonilisi tõmbetuuli, mille arenguid on põnev jälgida. Vahele on pistetud ka natuke piaanomuusikat (Museum Opening) ning jazz-elemente (Free Future). Helikeel paisub vahetevahel ka masinlikuks (King Of Surf 1) ja elektrooniliseks õuduseks (Museum Of Modern Chaos (Script Type) või kriipivatel kitarr-riffidel ratsutavaks metalseks ambientmuusikaks (Another Hemisphere).

Igatahes - põnev album. Samuti kuulake kontrastiks käesolevale Yoko Absorbing`i üht väljapeetuimat üllitist "Roughly & Gently Special Lowbit Release "(2008, Microbit-Records).

Recent Music Hero. – 2010. – 9 March

Vinyl (LP, 2009)

Label: Clinical Archives (Rus.)
Catalog #: [CA295]
Style: Avant-garde, Progressive Rock, Shoegazing, Free-jazz, Minimalism, Concrete, Indie rock, Blues-Jazz-Rock
Time 47:26
Recorded: 2009
Release date: 7 August 2009
Digital quality: 320 kbps / size 113 mb
NOTE: Это очень странный альбом. Наверное, самый странный из всех альбомов проекта и самый дадаистский по духу, учитывая, что оба соавтора дуэта активные участники авангардного арт- и литературного процессов в России и Европе.
В основе творчества Yoko Absorbing абсолютная спонтанность в написании музыки. Мы пытаемся подчинить этот процесс жесткой драматурги, но лишь на финальной стадии работы – в период сведения всего материала.
В записи данного альбома, помимо работы с инструментами в студиях и сэмплами на компьютерах, мы во множестве использовали обрывки старых пленочных записей с репетиций наших прошлых рок-проектов (80-90-х годов), а так же звуки виниловых пластинок. Это альбом-ностальгия, поэтому и назвали просто и незатейливо “Vinyl”.
Стиль сложно определить. Весь 47-минутный альбом - этакий коллаж из киномузыки, поп-фанка, блюза, фри-джаза, музыки "конкрет" и минималистских пост-панк выкрутасов. В итоге – некий абсолют Дадаизма, организованная эклектика.

1. Intro (0:23)
2. Vinyl Blues Part 1 (6:50)
3. Lady GaGa And Miroslav Tichy (0:53)
4. Mina-Mi-Ra (1:49)
5. Beats-Beats (1:23)
6. Dirty Indie Sound (2:54)
7. Solar Nail (2:07)
8. Mirskontsa (2:16)
9. Hobo Blues (7:04)
10. Lo-Fi Concept (1:41)
11. On A Tree (0:58)
12. Vinyl Blues Intro (1:17)
13. Saucepan (4:04)
14. Hoffnung (2:11)
15. To Be More Specific (1:03)
16. Lo-Fo Theory (3:26)
17. The Enigma Theories (2:26)
18. Vinyl Blues Part 2 (2:40)
19. We Encourage (2:01)

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin



R E V I E W:

Yoko Absorbing are the minds of Evgenij V. Kharitonov (music, samples, guitars, keyboards, percussion, sounds) and Mikhail Lezin (music, samples, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, sounds), who combine their own creations and unite with other musicians to create something where the fine line between real instrumentation and samples are blurred. Vinyl (Clinical Archives) couldn’t be a more appropriate titles, for this is the kind of music that is perfect for the sample-included and funk driven music fan who love to hear loops upon loops upon samples upon chops upon who knows what. Some songs move on in a place that might work on the dance floor of the lunatic, while others move as if it was progressive rock, but without the rock. Okay, so there are guitars but it sounds more like Mike Oldfield than anything of the Clapton/Page/Beck variety. Sounds begin, stop, suspend itself, and curl over each other, starting out gentle before throwing pelican drats in a mutated metal delivery.
Don’t expect to feel spirited as if this music will save you, but perhaps it will. Instead, take the music as it comes and be prepared to slip off the wagon whenever it feels like pushing you. When it’s on a rhythmic adventure, it takes itself to all new levels, but it takes a liking to itself when it moves into corners unknown. This is when Yoko Absorbing are taking in everything through their pores, eyes wide open, nowhere to hide. Experimental electronic music isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you, soak in its fermented warmth.

(THIS IS BOOK MUSIC (2009-08-08))

These all, however, remain hushed and unobtrusive. As one recent snapshot of the ensemble in the Russian press noted, this is - again - music designed for slumber or a mood that’s “peaceful, quiet, calming, thoughtful, and [on occasion, even completely] silent.”
So as not to wake the animals.
Our third - and most disorderly - release comes from the amazingly productive Evgenii Kharitonov, aka Eughene Kha, who heads Moscow’s Microbit Project. One of his many endeavors involves Togliatti’s Mikhail Lezin; together they refer to themselves as Yoko Absorbing. The duo’s list of suggested tags is even longer: “Sound art, abstract music, concrete, prog-jazz, prog-rock, noise, ambient, electro acoustic, audio collage etc.” This may seem silly, but the new album from Yoko Absorbing - “Vinyl” - is all over the shop. In essence it’s built upon three jazz-funk tracks, which - again a la Hancock - appear at the album’s opening, mid-section, and close, but all the other instrumentals dabble in a huge range of musical areas: glitch, ironic drone, clanking, acoustic strumming… Most are short and would no doubt have been dropped from an old-school, commercial release. Given the free and digital format of this album, however, experimentation is not only possible but actively encouraged. Things “intriguing” are allowed to take the place of those “marketable.”
Kharitonov himself admits that “Vinyl” is stylistically schizophrenic. “This is a really strange album. Probably the strangest one we’ve put out and the most ‘dadaist,’ too… At the basis of the band’s work is an absolute insistence upon spontaneous composition… Over and above the studio instrumentals, there are lots of snippets from rehearsal-tapes by rock bands we used to be in. Those come from the ’80s and ’90s. On top of all that, there are even sounds taken from old LPs, too. It’s an album full of nostalgia, and that’s where the title comes from. It’s hard to define the overall style. It’s a 47-minute collage of movie soundtracks, free-jazz, concrete music, decorated with elements of minimalist post-punk. Summing it all up, it’s all in the real Dadaist spirit I mentioned. A kind of organized eclecticism.”
Dadaism arose as a response to the “benefits” of logical, Western culture before WWI. The sense of pleasantly illogical behavior offered by our three new Russian works is nothing like the willful epatage of that original movement - and heaven knows how far it is from the nation’s most famous instrumentals, mentioned above and fashioned ten years ago in better economic climes. The new “movie soundtracks” that Kharitonov refers to are designed for personal downloading, not public performance. So what kind of respite do they offer from the outside world? What better narrative or personal story do they score? Nailer, “Tree, Bosier,” and Yoko Absorbing work hand in hand to accompany desirable thoughts of sentimental retrospection to one’s childhood - and slumber.
Nailer’s cover art shows a boy pondering adult effort at a distance - with no apparent desire to join in; Kharitonov’s profoundly Russian cover displays a homeless cat doing absolutely nothing on a ramshackle dacha fence. Both evoke silence, simplicity, and solitude. All three of these instrumentals look lovingly at that state of peace and quiet, because it’s currently in short supply.
Which leaves us with the conclusion that these new albums are designed as IPod soundtracks for slow, quiet walks in no particular direction, just before bed. Better still, take an umbrella when it’s not raining.
Just because.
Dadaism for beginners.

(David MacFadyen // FAR FROM MOSCOW (2009-08-28))

My first experience with the Clinical Archives netlabel has been through the group Yoko Absorbing, a duo of multi-instrumentalists. Their Vinyl album is an intriguing collection of songs that explore the push and pull between electronic and acoustic sounds, loops and live instrumentation. Their more abrasive side is on display with tunes like "Hoffnung" and "To Be More Specific," almost industrial in discipline. "Vinyl Blues Part 1" lies in stark contrast, sounding like a live house band steeped in disco and funk that occasionally gets in touch with their inner Sonic Youth and feels the need to throw some feedback into the mix.
Admittedly, it's the latter that has held me captive all week long...to the point of where I found myself dancing around my kitchen. And while my first impulse is to offer up all seven minutes of Part 1, "Vinyl Blues Part 2" makes for an even better teaser: funky, loopy, and just long enough to make you curious...

(Jason Smith // FMA (2009-12-09))

European Sea Level (LP, 2009)

Label: Proc-Records (US)
Catalog#: Proc-293
Style: Avant-garde rock, Dream Pop, Shoegazing , Blues
Time 27:04
Recorded: January – March 2009
Released: 23 Apr. 2009

1. Photos 2222 (0:46)
2. Old Futuro Blues (1:29)
3. Local Exhibitions (0:43)
4. Electric Poetry (2:34)
5. Aquarell und Kreide auf Packpapier (1:00)
6. World Componentis (1:37)
7. Konzentration von Energie (2:00)
8. White Square (YoAb rmx) (3:53)
9. Olio Su Tela (1:12)
10. Noise Compost (0:41)
11. Tecnica Mista Su Tela (6:59)
12. Radio Yoko (4:10)

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin

DOWNLOAD (via Proc-Records)


as far as duo's are concerned, a few in particular seem to
standout in my mind.
Autechre, Boards of Canada, Orbital and Daft punk are just a
few examples of sound projects that have combined
the unique thought processes of two
proc has been a label which has, thankfully, been fortunate
enough to regularly release albums from one of the
nicest duo projects in the underground today.

Mikhail Lezin and Evgenij V. Kharitonov, both of
whom hail from Russia recently sent over this
breathtaking avant-garde release
using their alias of Yoko Absorbing.
As is typical with most of their work, they regularly
are attempting something new and unique, making
every attempt to let their creativity flourish and thrive
by using un-inhibited methods of prodction and distribution :)
And, while they both also have very strong solo projects
on and off the music scene (poetry, visual art, label operating, etc),
their project as yoko absorbing have caught the
obvious attention of many people at proc-records.

I wont describe this album in very much detail, though
it deserves as much attention as you can give it.
I have found that it works best as a deep-listening
experience as opposed to simply letting it play
in the background.
As far as experimental albums go, this one
certainly climbs to the top and is sure to
quench the seemingly undying thirst of many
experimental fans on the music scene.

So, my friends, pull out your best headphones,
adjust the equalizer on your sound system (if it has one)
and make sure you can devote ample time to
some quality electronica.

this album has the proc-records seal of approval ;)


(c) Adam Crammond.
Proc Records. 2009. 22 April.

Visual Vibrations (LP, 2009)

Label: Proc-Records (US)
Catalog#: Proc-243
Style: avant-gard, experimental, progressive rock, noise pop
Time: 50:08
Recorded: August – December 2008
Released: January 01th 2009

1. 010noiZe (0:10)
2. Non-Objective Print (7:25)
3. Shaman XXI (5:07)
4. Future Fluxus Artists (2:23)
5. Aerophobia 002 (0:52)
6. Based On Futurist Ideas (2:29)
7. The Dancing Hugo Ball (2:31)
8. Concrete Art (2:44)
9. Electric Hunger Of The Dadaist (6:56)
10. Kazimir Malevich II (8:44)
11. A.Kruchenyh's travel to the XXI-st century (6:32)
12. Visual Vibrations (4:15)

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin

DOWNLOAD (via Proc-Records)


Without a doubt, Yoko Absorbing is one of the busiest
sound projects that we have seen here at proc-rec.
many, many quality releases varying in lengths and styles,
featured on a few of our compilations, and still has time to
release on other labels while remaing highly productive
for future releases.
Upon their request, I was asked to postpone the
release of this album until the new year, so I decided
to make it the very first release of 2009!

What can you expect to hear from this album??
Very nice ambient/noise fused with granulated melodic
The majority of these pieces seem to have at least
some sort of rhythm to them, which works
suprisingly well with the heavy distortion, loud static
and gorgeous melodies that fill your speakers!
Each track is unique from one another and are
easily distinctive from each other.
The title piece, which also happens to be the final piece,
was eloquently produced and has a fantastic sound
and feel to it.
a very calming melody and rhythm section are
spread out over bursts of heavy-noise,
spuraticly placed in various sections of the piece.

The bottom line, this is a release that will not let you down.
If you are a fan of Yoko Absorbing, noise, or simply
just craving some great music, I welcome you to download ...

(c) Adam Crammond.
Proc Records. 2009. 01 January

Roughly & Gently (LP, 2008)

US-Release: PROC-REC [Catalog#: PROC156];
RUS-Release: KUBOTROP [Catalog#: KBRT001]
LO-BIT Release: Microbit-Project [Catalog#: MBR-022]
Style: Avant-garde, Dream Pop, Noise Pop, Shoegazing, Indie, Experimental Pop
Time 52:24
Released: 13 August 2008

1. The Dancing Wolf [album version] [kharitonov] (4:06)
2. Transparentpapier [lezin ] (3:11)
3. Arachnophobia [kharitonov] (3:27)
4. Zusammen 1000 x 1000 cm [lezin] (3:19)
5. Exit # 667 [kharitonov] (1:45)
6. Numeriert [lezin] (1:52)
7. Splits In Silence [kharitonov] (2:09)
8. Und - Eitempera [lezin] (7:35)
9. Test Low [kharitonov] (1:43)
10. Zeichnung [lezin] (1:35)
11. Ticket To The Mars [kharitonov] (1:16)
12. Gesund [lezin] (4:33)
13. The Road To Eldorado Part 1 [kharitonov] (2:01)
14. Informel [lezin] (2:41)
15. Tranquil Consciousness (The Road To Eldorado Part 2) [kharitonov] (4:46)
16. Pigment auf Holz [lezin] (2:27)
17. The Road To Eldorado Part 3 [kharitonov] (3:04)
18. Arbeiten auf Papier [lezin] (0:54)

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin



Yoko Absorbing is back with ANOTHER release!!
this guy is producing music at such a rapid rate, its hard
to keep up.
fortunately, he has let proc-rec release some more
of his music, and for that I am very grateful.

A brand new full length release from (yep!! you guessed it!!) Russia!!
I'm serious, people.
If you are looking for the country with the most
talent in regards to electronic music,
that is the place to check out.
The majority of our releases and artists have come from

Anyway, this brand new release from YoAb is
a cornocopia of killer tracks with an intense variety of
styles ranging from rock, IDM, jungle and even experimental noise.
While YoAb's great ability to cross genre's with such simplicity
is apparent throughout this entire release, it
still retains his unrivled soulful sound
and once again takes us
in a completely unexpected direction.

Yoko Absorbing is exactly the type of artist
we like to have releasing with proc-records and I hope
he will continue to do so.
Even though his previous release with us is still HOT HOT HOT,
this new one is the perfect way to give even your portable media
device something to smile about! :)

messing you up soooo rough and gently...
we present to you YoAb's newest rough and gentle release....

(c) Adam Crammond.
Proc Records. 2008. 16 August.

Risk Iskr (LP, 2008)

Label: Proc-Records (USA)
Catalog#: Proc-136
Style: Avant-garde, Sound Art, Concrete, Electro Acoustic, Noise Pop
Time 45:43
Released: July 25 2008

1. enjoy-79 [lezin] (2:38)
2. aj_nehz_03_00.01 [kharitonov] (3:47)
3. enjoy 21-23 [lezin] (4:41)
4. enjoy-179 [lezin] (2:57)
5. aj_nehz_03_02.01 [kharitonov] (5:58)
6. enjoy-1109 [lezin] (3:53)
7. aj_nehz_03_1969 [kharitonov] (1:31)
8. enjoy 2000-900 [lezin] (3:37)
9. aj_nehz_03_09.12 [kharitonov] (2:37)
10. aj_nehz_03_02.02 [kharitonov] (14:00)

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin

DOWNLOAD (via Proc-Records)

while proc-records is based out of the USA, its seems as though
the majority of our artists, and certainly some of the most talented
have come from Russia.

This time we have a highly experimental + noise release
that also focuses on a very concrete and progressive-noise
What is especially interesting about this release
is that it also could be considered to branch off into
ambient or even minimalism genre's (as you'll notice upon listening).
The album opens with some loud static, pulsating textures, and even
some chilling laughter.

The second piece is a prime example of the minimalistic sounds
I was reffering to.
Very granulated yet soft sounds pan from left to right
as white noise fills both speakers in the same manner.
The third and my personal favorite track on this release is
extremely chilling and dark.
Deeply rooted in a very ambient/landscape style, this track offers the listener
(especially those who are unfamiliar with this particuler genre)
an oppurtunity to live deeply in the present, letting the cares
of the world slip through their fingers and allowing
them to reach an un-paralelled state of conciousness,
one that is certainly not easy to obtain!!

From here, I shall leave you to enjoy the release for yourself.
If you happen to like this release, please dont hesitate to
tell Yoko Absorbing how you feel!
Drop him a line on myspace and congradulate him on
such an impressive collection of works!!

proc-records is pleased to introduce for the first time
in our catalog...
a debut release from...

(c) Adam Crammond
Proc Records. 2008. 25 July

Number 2 (LP,2008)

Catalog#: Proc-153
Style: Avant-garde, Sound Art, Noise Art
Time 28:25
Released: August 15 2008

1. Rush Hour (1:41)
2. Existence (5:20)
3. Noisett # 1 feat. Vera Sazhina (1:02)
4. Behind Time (4:00)
5. Urbanitales (3:50)
6. Radiation Tale Part 1 (2:18)
7. Retail Fishing (1:39)
8. Radiation Tale Part 2 (2:42)
9. Noisett # 2 feat. Vera Sazhina (2:08)
10. Cut Into Cubes (3:45)

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin

DOWNLOAD (via Proc-records)


Okay people, mark this on your calenders...
August 15, 2008 .
because this is the day that one of proc-records's
most notoriously strong musicians has
laid to waste everything you may have thought
you knew about harsh-noise and non-rhythmic art music.

This album is the second of a two-part series with us
from Yoko Absorbing and is (in my opinon) his best release
with us so far...
Even though i hate reffering to it as "noise",
there just doesnt seem to be any other appropriate
way of labeling it.
Either way, my interest in noise music is very strong
and I love to listen to it and compose it as often as I can.

Fortunately, this time around, I've had the oppurtunity
to sit comfortably in my chair with a fresh cup of coffee and
listen to this awesome little digital gem!
Yoko has certainly outdone himself with production and
equalizing these tracks.
They flow from track to track beautifully and are so diverse
from each other that this album sounds
like a bunch of little ep's put together.
more bang for your buck!!!

I give alot of credit and props to Yoko Absorbing not only for
this release but for everything from Yoko that I've laid my ears on.
Please, I shall speak to you as though you were
truly dedicated listeners of music...
give this album your full attention!
It would be an absolute shame not to...

(c) Adam Crammond.
Proc Records. 2008. 15 August

Элементы технического рисования (LP, 2008)

Catalog#: PROC139
Keywords: Avant-garde, Audio Art, Noise Pop, Audio Collage, De-collage
Time 79:02
Released: July 30 2008
Size: 71 mb

1. Price of Success (kharitonov) 0:41
2. Closed Zoom (lezin) 11: 33
3. Mystic Water (kharitonov) 2:38
4. Abstract Expressionist (lezin) 0:35
5. Pandora Box (kharitonov) 3:54
6. Add Url (lezin) 2:58
7. Song Of Space: Song for John Cage # 4(kharitonov) 6:46
8. Close Up (lezin) 6:09
9. Contradictions (kharitonov) 2:18
10. Enclosed (lezin) 3:55
11. Human Zoo (kharitonov) 4:55
12. False (lezin) 4:14
13. Ufologica (kharitonov) 2:21
14. The Surface (lezin) 2:39
15. Abstract Philology (kharitonov) 1:15
16. Pictorial (lezin) 5:55
17. No Homo Poetry (kharitonov) 1:01
18. The Diagram (lezin) 2:28
19. Invasion/Absorbing (mix) (kharitonov) 4:06
20. Horizontal Architecture (lezin) 3:15
21. Noise.NET (kharitonov) 2:02
22. Materiality (lezin) 0:59
23. Vinyl Requiem (kharitonov) 1:54

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin



the one country that seems to just be FULL of electronic
music talent.
proc-records has had countless artists from the
massive nation release within its borders, and
we are once again proud to have another debut artist from
that location!!

Yoko Absorbing recently sent us this LP (along with one other),
and from the time I recieved it until now, it has been
on my mind.
Very much a noise release (in the strongest sense of the word),
it has a very strong classical-music feel to it.
By that, I mean that one minute sounds are fading away, though still
audible, and then suddenly erupt into a
loud barrage that continues briefly then quiets down again.

(does that make any sense?)

Anyway, even if you dont know how to speak or
read Russian, music is the universal language and
this release is sure to be understood by many people, especially
those who enjoy a good sound-art release such as this!

What immediately caught my attention about this release
(aside from the obvious)
is how smoothly and seamlessly the tracks flow from
one to another, and how crisp and clear these pieces
sound even at 128kbps.

All in all, this is a great little debut release.
Yoko Absorbing is a fresh face around proc-rec,
and im sure we will be having the honor and privilage
to release much more music of his .

dim the lights and get comfortable.
you're about to enjoy...

(c) Adam Crammond.
Proc Records. 2008. 30 July


Promo Single from album European Sea Lebel Album
Catalog#: 45rpm005/2009
Release date: 11 Apr. 2009


single 2: EXIT # 667 / ZUSAMMEN 1000X1000 CM

Release: EXIT # 667 / ZUSAMMEN 1000X1000 CM (single July 2008)
Promo single from album Roughly & Gently
Release date: 31 July 2008
Size: 7 mb



Release NUMERIERT / THE DANCING WOLF (single July 2008)
Promo single from album Roughly & Gently
Released: July 2008


20 YOAB’s IN 40 KBPS (Lo-Bit compilation)

Release name: 20 YOAB’s IN 40 KBPS (Lo-Bit compilation)
Label: The Poorhouse (UK)
Catalog#: [tph-014]
Format/Bitrate: mp3, mono/stereo, 40 kbps
Time 82: 41

1. enjoy 2000-900 (3:37)
2. enjoy-79 (2:38)
3. Ufologica (2:21)
4. The Diagram (2:28)
5. enjoy-1109 (3:53)
6. Rush Hour (1:41)
7. Add Url (2:58)
8. Song Of Space Radio (Song For John Cage # 4) (6:46)
9. Abstract Expressionist (0:35)
10. Contradictions (2:18)
11. Radiation Tale Part 1 (2:18)
12. Existence (5:20)
13. Urbanitales (3:50)
14. Closed Zoom (11:33)
15. Behind Time (4:00)
16. Pandora Box (3:54)
17. Radiation Tale Part 2 (2:42)
18. aj nehz 03 1969 (1:31)
19. aj nehz 03 00.01 (3:47)
20. False (4:14)

MIRROR (download link)

Mono (lo-bit release)

Release name: MONO (Lo-Bit EP)
Label: Microbit Records
Catalog #: MBR001
Format/Bitrate: only mp3, 24 kbps, mono
Time 11:02
Recording: July 2008


VIDEO: Yoko Absorbing – Vynil Blues

VIDEO: Yoko Absorbing – UFOLOGICA

VIDEO: Yoko Absorbing - MiNaMiRa / We Encourage