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Risk Iskr (LP, 2008)

Label: Proc-Records (USA)
Catalog#: Proc-136
Style: Avant-garde, Sound Art, Concrete, Electro Acoustic, Noise Pop
Time 45:43
Released: July 25 2008

1. enjoy-79 [lezin] (2:38)
2. aj_nehz_03_00.01 [kharitonov] (3:47)
3. enjoy 21-23 [lezin] (4:41)
4. enjoy-179 [lezin] (2:57)
5. aj_nehz_03_02.01 [kharitonov] (5:58)
6. enjoy-1109 [lezin] (3:53)
7. aj_nehz_03_1969 [kharitonov] (1:31)
8. enjoy 2000-900 [lezin] (3:37)
9. aj_nehz_03_09.12 [kharitonov] (2:37)
10. aj_nehz_03_02.02 [kharitonov] (14:00)

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin

DOWNLOAD (via Proc-Records)

while proc-records is based out of the USA, its seems as though
the majority of our artists, and certainly some of the most talented
have come from Russia.

This time we have a highly experimental + noise release
that also focuses on a very concrete and progressive-noise
What is especially interesting about this release
is that it also could be considered to branch off into
ambient or even minimalism genre's (as you'll notice upon listening).
The album opens with some loud static, pulsating textures, and even
some chilling laughter.

The second piece is a prime example of the minimalistic sounds
I was reffering to.
Very granulated yet soft sounds pan from left to right
as white noise fills both speakers in the same manner.
The third and my personal favorite track on this release is
extremely chilling and dark.
Deeply rooted in a very ambient/landscape style, this track offers the listener
(especially those who are unfamiliar with this particuler genre)
an oppurtunity to live deeply in the present, letting the cares
of the world slip through their fingers and allowing
them to reach an un-paralelled state of conciousness,
one that is certainly not easy to obtain!!

From here, I shall leave you to enjoy the release for yourself.
If you happen to like this release, please dont hesitate to
tell Yoko Absorbing how you feel!
Drop him a line on myspace and congradulate him on
such an impressive collection of works!!

proc-records is pleased to introduce for the first time
in our catalog...
a debut release from...

(c) Adam Crammond
Proc Records. 2008. 25 July

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