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Элементы технического рисования (LP, 2008)

Catalog#: PROC139
Keywords: Avant-garde, Audio Art, Noise Pop, Audio Collage, De-collage
Time 79:02
Released: July 30 2008
Size: 71 mb

1. Price of Success (kharitonov) 0:41
2. Closed Zoom (lezin) 11: 33
3. Mystic Water (kharitonov) 2:38
4. Abstract Expressionist (lezin) 0:35
5. Pandora Box (kharitonov) 3:54
6. Add Url (lezin) 2:58
7. Song Of Space: Song for John Cage # 4(kharitonov) 6:46
8. Close Up (lezin) 6:09
9. Contradictions (kharitonov) 2:18
10. Enclosed (lezin) 3:55
11. Human Zoo (kharitonov) 4:55
12. False (lezin) 4:14
13. Ufologica (kharitonov) 2:21
14. The Surface (lezin) 2:39
15. Abstract Philology (kharitonov) 1:15
16. Pictorial (lezin) 5:55
17. No Homo Poetry (kharitonov) 1:01
18. The Diagram (lezin) 2:28
19. Invasion/Absorbing (mix) (kharitonov) 4:06
20. Horizontal Architecture (lezin) 3:15
21. Noise.NET (kharitonov) 2:02
22. Materiality (lezin) 0:59
23. Vinyl Requiem (kharitonov) 1:54

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin



the one country that seems to just be FULL of electronic
music talent.
proc-records has had countless artists from the
massive nation release within its borders, and
we are once again proud to have another debut artist from
that location!!

Yoko Absorbing recently sent us this LP (along with one other),
and from the time I recieved it until now, it has been
on my mind.
Very much a noise release (in the strongest sense of the word),
it has a very strong classical-music feel to it.
By that, I mean that one minute sounds are fading away, though still
audible, and then suddenly erupt into a
loud barrage that continues briefly then quiets down again.

(does that make any sense?)

Anyway, even if you dont know how to speak or
read Russian, music is the universal language and
this release is sure to be understood by many people, especially
those who enjoy a good sound-art release such as this!

What immediately caught my attention about this release
(aside from the obvious)
is how smoothly and seamlessly the tracks flow from
one to another, and how crisp and clear these pieces
sound even at 128kbps.

All in all, this is a great little debut release.
Yoko Absorbing is a fresh face around proc-rec,
and im sure we will be having the honor and privilage
to release much more music of his .

dim the lights and get comfortable.
you're about to enjoy...

(c) Adam Crammond.
Proc Records. 2008. 30 July

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