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European Sea Level (LP, 2009)

Label: Proc-Records (US)
Catalog#: Proc-293
Style: Avant-garde rock, Dream Pop, Shoegazing , Blues
Time 27:04
Recorded: January – March 2009
Released: 23 Apr. 2009

1. Photos 2222 (0:46)
2. Old Futuro Blues (1:29)
3. Local Exhibitions (0:43)
4. Electric Poetry (2:34)
5. Aquarell und Kreide auf Packpapier (1:00)
6. World Componentis (1:37)
7. Konzentration von Energie (2:00)
8. White Square (YoAb rmx) (3:53)
9. Olio Su Tela (1:12)
10. Noise Compost (0:41)
11. Tecnica Mista Su Tela (6:59)
12. Radio Yoko (4:10)

Music by and performed by Evgenij V. Kharitonov and Mikhail Lezin

DOWNLOAD (via Proc-Records)


as far as duo's are concerned, a few in particular seem to
standout in my mind.
Autechre, Boards of Canada, Orbital and Daft punk are just a
few examples of sound projects that have combined
the unique thought processes of two
proc has been a label which has, thankfully, been fortunate
enough to regularly release albums from one of the
nicest duo projects in the underground today.

Mikhail Lezin and Evgenij V. Kharitonov, both of
whom hail from Russia recently sent over this
breathtaking avant-garde release
using their alias of Yoko Absorbing.
As is typical with most of their work, they regularly
are attempting something new and unique, making
every attempt to let their creativity flourish and thrive
by using un-inhibited methods of prodction and distribution :)
And, while they both also have very strong solo projects
on and off the music scene (poetry, visual art, label operating, etc),
their project as yoko absorbing have caught the
obvious attention of many people at proc-records.

I wont describe this album in very much detail, though
it deserves as much attention as you can give it.
I have found that it works best as a deep-listening
experience as opposed to simply letting it play
in the background.
As far as experimental albums go, this one
certainly climbs to the top and is sure to
quench the seemingly undying thirst of many
experimental fans on the music scene.

So, my friends, pull out your best headphones,
adjust the equalizer on your sound system (if it has one)
and make sure you can devote ample time to
some quality electronica.

this album has the proc-records seal of approval ;)


(c) Adam Crammond.
Proc Records. 2009. 22 April.

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